Your Camilyo Team

Helping you deliver customer value and grow your business is the key to our success
Samuel Sattath - Executive Chairman
Samuel Sattath | Executive Chairman
Tagline: No goal is out of reach; here's a 6 pager that shows you how
Can help you with: Business growth ideas, ambitious goal setting, writing your doctoral thesis
Gil Ilani - CEO
Gil Ilani | CEO
Tagline: Just do business all the rest will fall into place
Can help you with: Strategy, pricing, team psychology, answering emails while flying a plane
Daniel Yaghil - COO
Daniel Yaghil | COO
Tagline: If there's a solution I will find it, if there is no solution there is no problem
Can help you with: Integration, architecture, staying calm when the server is down
Ziv Koren - CMO
Ziv Koren | CMO
Tagline: It's a great idea, we already have it in our roadmap
Can help you with: Marketing ideas, social networks, who's the hottest startup this week on Beta list
Ohad Golan - VP Sales
Ohad Golan | VP Sales
Tagline: The customer is always right - and MY customers even more so
Can help you with: Strategy, pricing, getting things done, tips and tricks on how to pay your bills on time
Danny Hen - Director of Sales
Danny Hen | Director of Sales
Tagline: I can sell ice to eskimos but instead I'm helping you to grow your business
Can help you with: Biz-dev, pricing, 10 best arguments that will make your boss send you to the conference in Hawaii
Gali Yudilevich - Product Manager
Gali Yudilevich | Product Manager
Tagline: How many angels can dance on a pixel?
Can help you with: Design, fulfilment processes, product features, improving your backhand stroke
Chen Ravenna - HR Manager
Adi Pahima | HR Manager
Tagline: One smile is worth a thousand words
Can help you with: Recruiting talent, getting things done, sending your salesperson to Hawaii through the north pole on a cargo plane using his frequent flyer miles