Drive the SMB digital revolution


Camilyo Online for Telecom Service Providers

Digital consumers have changed the way they discover, research and buy goods and services.
To survive, small businesses must therefore “go digital”
and adapt to the new age of online consumption.

“Going digital” amounts to much more than just establishing a basic online presence.
To cross the chasm, “the digital SMB” needs to adopt a wide range of business automation tools and services that can help them cover the entire consumer journey.

To do so, small businesses need a trusted partner, capable of helping them make this challenging leap into the digital world. Today, less than 10% of small businesses can claim they are truly ready for the digital consumer age.

Camilyo’s Online-in-One platform was created to try and change that.

What’s in it for you?

Get ahead of the competition by driving the digital revolution for your small business customers
Double your digital ARPU with a market changing offering
Increase loyalty and lower churn with highly sticky digital assets
Provide real value with digital tools that help small business owners with their daily business needs

Why will your SMBs love it?

One account, one bill, one software with all of the digital marketing and business automation tools they need
Big brand-like marketing and business automation tools, helping them to even the odds against franchises and large competitors
Camilyo's Mobile in One business management app enables them to provide better service experience and manage their business efficiently, anywhere, anytime.
All from a trusted partner that provides them with best practices and support