We listened to a lot of marketing podcasts to come up with a list of shows we can listen to every day on the way to work.

After filtering out some low-quality podcasts and even a few good ones (which featured a lot of technical glitches), we’ve come up with a list of the 5 best marketing podcasts -- one for every day of the week -- right now.


Content Marketing: This Old Marketing from CMI

This is perhaps the most popular podcast in the industry. And it’s at the top of many lists like this. By connecting today’s marketing with the ages-old fascination of telling stories and sharing ideas, This Old Marketing covers the gamut of content marketing.

What is it about?

While content is in focus, the show wanders off delightfully to include other facets of modern marketing as well.

Presented by CMI’s Founder Joe Pulizzi and its Chief Content Consultant Robert Rose, each weekly show discusses three or four relevant news stories (and a few rants and raves) about selected articles. The hosts also dig up some amusing and amazing content marketing stories from their past.

In one of the latest episodes, Joe and Robert actually arrive at a probable solution to Facebook's fake news problem, discuss how AI will change publishing, and reminisce about the U.S. Postal Service’s content marketing efforts from back in the day.

The podcast’s production has evolved throughout the years and it is a now a very high-quality weekly show. It’s on the level of professional radio from both a content and production standpoint. While Pulizzi and Rose both have firm opinions on everything to do with marketing, they keep their style light and easy on the ears. This Old Marketing found a format that works and remains faithful to it, while its huge audience helps contribute new topics and pertinent content marketing questions. Even ads in the show appear as really useful pieces of downloadable content.

Every Saturday, they publish detailed notes and all the links mentioned in the podcast onto the CMI website.


Under an hour

Release day



2. Online Marketing: Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

The Duct Tape Marketing podcast is an expert show that keeps you fully up-to-date with all the latest digital marketing trends.

What is it about?

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast covers both the core foundations of digital marketing and the newest trends and tricks. Just like Duct Tape - a cheap, versatile and sticky product - the podcast focuses on low-cost practical marketing methods, mainly applicable to small businesses. The topics include SEO, word-of-mouth marketing, content strategy, and more. Sometimes though, it talks about things that are more relevant to entrepreneurship and professional and personal growth. Most of the advice is focused on small to medium businesses, making it particularly appropriate for service professionals who work with small businesses.

Presented by a small business marketing expert and a known author, John Jantsch, the show is usually delivered interview-style with some inspiring marketers and entrepreneurs. Guy Kawasaki, Pat Flynn, and Neil Patel have all appeared on the DTM podcast.

For example, the guest of the latest episode is Bernadette Jiwa, a recognized authority on the role of storytelling in business, innovation, and marketing. The discussion revolves around her new book, Hunch: Turn Your Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing.

Jantsch does a great job of drawing out his guests and highlighting applicable tips from their experiences. On the podcast website, you’ll find all the links and a summary transcript as well as the podcast itself.


About 30 minutes

Release days

Wednesday and Thursday


3. Events Marketing: The Savvy Event Planner Podcast

Strangely enough, it seems there aren’t that many events marketing podcasts still active. This podcast is no longer in production but there are still great episodes available to download on the show’s site, which is still active. These episodes that are available deal with myriad aspects of event planning, including marketing your events and venues.

What is it about?

The Savvy Event Planner covers topics like how to plan an event on a budget and event tech, but, of course, discusses events marketing.

The podcast is presented by events marketer, entertainer, and entrepreneur Tom Crowl. After opening with a fun introduction, he normally interviews some event industry pro about their experience, digging out tips and tricks from them.

In the final episode, Crowl’s guest is A. J. Steinberg, a founder of Queen Bee Fundraising and an event planner for non-profits. She shares advice about how to save money and plan an event on a budget while making things seem more expensive.

Unfortunately, the podcast closed down after a year, but the 52 archived shows are still worth checking out. Tom’s style is chatty and warm and the audio quality and effects are crystal clear. Tom’s guests don’t only include expert event planners but also experts in fields such as security and law.


About 30 minutes.

Release day

The show’s over and available on-demand.


4. All Things Marketing: Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee seems to be another marketing podcast that features on every ‘Top 10’ list.

What is it about?

Marketing Over Coffee is a very popular podcast that began in 2007 and is still presented by John J. Wall, speaker, writer, and expert marketer, and Christopher S. Penn, professor, consultant, and speaker on marketing and social media. Each podcast takes place in a coffee shop (that’s the ‘coffee’ part of it), but the audio clarity is still top-notch. The show covers both classic marketing profiles and the newest trends, aiming to bring marketing news and tips to all their listeners.

Each show is based on marketing news, but goes on to share advice about social, affiliate, SEO, email, copywriting, and offline ‘traditional’ marketing in an easy to digest format, as well as responding to listener questions.

In the most recent episode, Wall and Penn chat about an IBM event in Germany, summarizing very succinctly the top takeaways from the event. They talk about the EU’s new laws regarding data usage for EU citizens and their implications for marketers, the recent €2 billion fine against Google and how the same antitrust issues could affect other websites. They also take a long hard look at Google Optimize to explore the ways that marketers can get the most out of it.

As authors themselves, they share the type of really useful marketing advice that you’ll only get from an in-depth conversation outside the office. In fact, listening to MOC is a lot like eavesdropping on two experienced marketing professionals chatting about industry issues and changes. Wall and Penn’s audience keep them supplied with relevant material by asking plenty of questions that might just be the same ones you have, so you’ll want to hear the answers.


20-30 minutes

Release day

Thursday mornings


5. Zen Podcast: Zen Commuter

It’s Friday and you’ve heard enough suit-and-tie chatter all week. It’s time to unwind from the hectic week so we present this podcast.

What is it all about?

The Zen Commuter podcast aims to transform your commute into a time of reflection and inspiration instead of stress and anxiety. The show is presented by Thom Walters, entrepreneur, author, and meditation instructor, From time to time, Walters interviews experts on meditation, stress relief, and wellness. Most of the episodes however, are simple broadcasts from Walters, sharing his thoughts about any range of topics.

Zen Commuter is both calming and thought-provoking. You could listen just for the flow of talk or to expand your mind with questions you’ve never considered. Along with the inspiring ideas, there are real actionable tips for relieving stress and living a happier life.

In one of his most recent episodes, Walters delves deeper into the principles of mindfulness, sharing practical examples of things that pull you out of the moment of mindful focusing. He shares advice on countering those thoughts that cause you to dwell on the past or future instead of the moment.


Varies a lot. Most of the shows are around 15-30 minutes long, but the interview episodes are often longer, up to an hour.

Release day

Every weekday, Monday-Friday

Talia Klein Perez is a small business owner who specializes in small business marketing services, ranging from content writing to social media marketing. Talia also operates two websites of her own, so her expertise comes from both the side of the owner and the side of the marketer.