Wow, what a day! Deloitte has just ranked us to be among the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Israel for the period of 2013-2016 and we are number 21 on the list. We have to admit though that we have been experiencing such a dramatic growth only since 2015 when we first launched our Online in One platform.

Our mission is to help small businesses to better manage their business by equipping them with integrated online marketing, sales and business productivity tools that were only available before to larger business. And we do it together with our amazing partners - the leading digital service providers from all over the world who cater to their local business communities.

"Our software is changing the game for companies that provide digital marketing services to small businesses by moving the focus from providing online presence and leads to providing a comprehensive end-to-end business solution that covers the entire consumer journey, from acquisition to retention,” says Gil Ilani, our CEO “When we introduced our solution to the market in 2015, service providers were still selling small businesses with just websites and ads. Today we are providing our partners with a technology that enables them to offer a much wider service portfolio and which enables them to rapidly grow their customer base and to ensure their existing customers’ long-term loyalty. As our customers grow, we grow with them and their success enables us to add more and more partners worldwide."

"Making it on the Technology Fast 50 list shows a deep understanding of the market," said Shally Tshuva, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Leader at Deloitte Israel. "Presenting such growth rates shows that Camilyo holds the agility needed to prosper in a challenging and dynamic market."

We're honored to be on the list and we know that it's just a beginning for us.