Google My Business is of crucial importance to any business. This is, mainly, because of the importance of Google, a brand that has, it’s fair to say, exploded into the global consciousness. Receiving over 63,000 searches a second, owning over 90% of the search engine market share worldwide and with a value of $739 billion, suffice to say any digital marketing strategy needs to consider Google. 

In fact, Google is the force that can help you exist online and ensure you are found by the right customers. The most important part of Google for any small business is Google My Business, a way that helps small businesses: 

  • To advertise your location, helping you to be found by consumers seeking a product or service local to you. Interestingly, one in five searches is related to location  
  • Increase your search engine ranking, meaning there is a far higher chance of your business being at the top of Google for your category or location.  
  • To access a cost effective marketing opportunity as advertising with Google My Business is completely free of charge. 
  • To be more easily found by those using mobile phones or tablets as they can easily find important data about your business even as they are on the move. 
  • To enhance your listings with reviews from customers who are pleased with your service.  
  • Boost the reach of your business with 46% of all Google searches being local, relevant to all verticals although particularly helpful to those in the food and the entertainment category.  
  • Increase engagement: Having a Google My Business can help potential consumers call through call to action buttons that allow consumers to easily place a call or book directly.  

However, whilst important getting a Google My Business listing can be a little tricky and riddled with a number of bureaucratic steps, this includes: 

1. The setting up of an account and submitting the relevant information such as: 
  • Address 
  • Phone Number  
  • Email 
  • Hours of operation  
  • Payment method  
  • Mode of service  
2. A slow, manual verification process through either phone or email 
3. You will, then, finally receive a PIN that allows you to claim the specified listing.  

    Once this process is finished your listing should be accepted by Google and you will be ready to go.  

    However, often this can be time-consuming and a number of individuals may find they need lots of time and patience to see the process through. In fact, it can often take up to three weeks and can be a rather drawn out process.  

    Which is why, we at Camilyo, are delighted to offer a dedicated Google My Business instant verification, allowing small businesses to quickly and easily gain a Google My Business Profile. Automating the entire process and making it far easier for SMBs to gain that all important Google My Business Profile.  


    At Camilyo we are delighted to announce that we are now able to automatically verify Google My Business listings that allows small business to immediately gain a Google My Business listing, avoiding tricky bureaucracy and taking their business online. Fast and effective, it is the best way to take your business online.  



    A Google My Business can help: 

    • Increase your reach  
    • Raise your SEO ranking 
    • Advertise your location 
    • Take your business online 

    A free and powerful device for small businesses, we are proud to be offering automatic account verification, one of only a few suppliers in the marketplace, this is a big step forward for Camilyo and an even more exciting step for the small business owners that we serve.