Depending on geography, the world is slowly starting to adapt to a living-with-coronavirus mode of business. What do we already know of what’s ahead? And how well are we prepared for it? Here are some tools to address the new era:

  • Social distancing – Whether regulations are limiting the number of people per shop or are replacing face to face interaction with online services, a scheduler has become the essential of the hour. As consumers get accustomed to pre-scheduling their visits to shops or sessions with service providers – make sure your SMB customers have one connected to their digital presence.
A scheduling calendar is now an essential tool for many businesses
  • Business not as usual – Each business category is affected differently by the new situation. So, it is best, as an SMB, to make consumers and prospects understand exactly how the SMB is affected by COVID-19, with a notice on site, like every corporate site. You can help SMBs let their regular customers and prospects know what exactly has changed, with the Time on site (When you enter) Lead booster, available on the Camilyo website builder.
  • Regulation galore… Some countries are regulating the sales of online goods, narrowing to essentials, while non-essentials may be on display but not for sale. This too can be moderated on the Camilyo e-commerce platform.
  • Pay now, service later – as part of the growing movement to support local businesses that aren’t capable of providing services (barbers, beauty salons, children’s activities etc.), Camilyo’s Commerce Lite website can easily be adapted to the “buy now, service later” solution which enables businesses to charge money now and provide the goods once regulation allows. See an example here.
You can easily adapt a Camilyo Lite commerce site to collects payments for services and products  that will be provisioned by the SMB once regulation eases

  • Mobile business management app – Many businesses are forced to manage their business from home, some have to move away. With the mobile app they will still be able to service customers from the palm of their hand.

  • Online shopping, deliveries and curbside pickups – Yes, we’ve mentioned this before… but here it is again – many businesses will move to online commerce, service or order online. The Camilyo platform is ready to enable them with ready to go solutions.

Coronavirus is here and is changing the rules. We have had some time to get used to it, so now is the time to act. For businesses to survive and thrive in these trying times, they have to adapt. Camilyo is here to help you help them do just that.  Call your PSM for more details!