Exciting news! At the SIINDA Local Search Summit held in Dubrovnik last month, Camilyo was honored with not one, not two, but three(!) SIINDA Industry Excellence Awards.

SIINDA, the Search & Information Industry Association, is the leading European-based non-profit association bringing together companies in the search, information, and telecommunication sectors as well as businesses providing on-demand services. The coveted Industry Excellence Awards are granted to SIINDA member companies in recognition of advancements in mixed media, local search innovation, and technology. We were competing against some of the best companies in the industry, and are very proud to have won.

Camilyo won the following Awards:

  • Platinum Industry Excellence Award – Mobile Products for the Camilyo Mobile Action Center 
  • Platinum Industry Excellence Award – Sales and Marketing Automation for the Email and SMS marketing campaigns
  • Silver Industry Excellence Award – Mobile Products for the DASH SMB mobile app for digital agencies 

Our Award-Worthy Solutions
The above solutions demonstrate our innovative mindset, as we work to proactively address the everyday needs of local businesses. For instance, since many small business owners spend most of the day away from their desk, they run the risk of delayed responsiveness and lost business. The Camilyo Mobile Action Center enables them to manage their business on the go, making sure they never miss an opportunity. With immediate access from their mobile phone, they can be the first to respond, schedule appointments and callbacks, and even manage the entire sale process. It is a white-label app, which is fully integrated with the Camilyo Online in One CRM and modules. With the DASH app, we enable digital agencies to go beyond marketing and offer this enterprise-grade solution to their SMB customers. 

Another way we simplify SMBs’ daily life is by automating their marketing routine. Our CRM-integrated email and SMS marketing modules enable SMBs to easily launch multi-channel marketing campaigns. They can quickly customize the usage-driven templates and facilitate purchase decisions using embedded product offers and promotional coupons. Smart audience filters and campaign dashboard increase marketing effectiveness by making it possible to target the relevant audiences and measure campaign success.

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