Here are 5 new features (among many) that make the social media module on the Camilyo all-in-one the tool to drive your customers' social activities to new heights:

1. Five networks connected!

The All-in-one Social Module is now connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google (GMB), Instagram and LinkedIn!

2. Friendly UI
A new, rearranged user interface, based on user tests and research, provides business owners with the exact stats they need to monitor their activity on social media...!

3. All your assets go social! 

You can easily connect various assets from your account to your social networks. You can post a service, a coupon, a product, a blog post or a website URL, as well as media – all with just a couple of clicks...

4. Get a live preview!

You can see a preview of your social media post before you publish it.
5. Get the real view! 
You can also see the posts you have already published, as they are seen on the social media platform (no need to jump between tabs). The posts are live, with dynamic stats, so you are constantly on the pulse with your social media performance.
Please note! The new Social Module replaces the Camilyo social app, which will be deprecated in version 79 (coming soon), in accordance with Facebook's latest policy changes.

The New Social Media module is already installed and ready for you and your customers to use! 

For More details, contact your PSM today!