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Coronavirus is changing our world - at least for the time being. Social distancing, lock downs and shutdowns mean that brick and mortar businesses as well as service providers need to adapt to working online, wherever possible. Physical retail and on premise service is in decline, as businesses and consumers alike are changing habits. So many SMBs now need to quickly move to selling products or services online.

Brick and mortar shops are the obvious, but think, for example, of doctors or dentists who can't accept patient visits, psychologists, fitness instructors or even hairdressers who cannot meet with their patients and customers physically but can still service them online - be it a video session with a trainer or psychologists or a hair dresser selling her clients the exact mix of hair dye she colors their hair with, when they frequent her salon, complete with  DIY instructions! 

Even when in isolation, consumers still need services - and SMBs need adapt to provide them
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E-commerce is growing in popularity anyway, even before the COVID-19 pandemic entered our lives. The E-commerce share of retail sales worldwide is said to reach 17.5 percent by 2021, marking a 136 percent increase in just six years - and that’s even without taking the coronavirus effects into consideration. If that’s not a good enough reason to board the e-commerce train, then the fact that people can’t hit the mall or the high street right now, is another reason, but we, in Camilyo are seeing another trend - Service providers who need to sell services as products!
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Not every business owner needs a perfectly designed 15 pages website with a 500 items inventory. Most can perfectly do with a lean, clean, simple design that can accommodate a few scores of products or services, when they are forced to sell online due to the sudden COVID-19 restrictions. We also know that many of the SMBs who need to switch to e-commerce right now don’t have time or the knowledge to set up a full function e-commerce site nor are they in need of a huge catalog. And let’s add another factor - coronavirus is also affecting operators' website fulfillment teams. That’s why Camilyo offers Lite Commerce, which is part of Camilyo’s easy to use AI powered website builder.

Camilyo enables operators and SMBs alike easily create an e-commerce website in a matter of minutes. You don't have to be tech savvy for this; no need for any prior knowledge or technical skill. And the beauty is that once the website is done, business owners will be able to easily sell products and services online as well as edit, change and redesign the website by themselves, whenever they want.

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This new solution, based on Camilyio’s  lite site platform, enables SMBs to easily create an e-commerce website in a matter of minutes. Lite Commerce provides operators different options of fulfillment, according to what suits them - and their customers - best:

  • The DIY option - SMBs can set up, build and run their e-commerce website on their own.
  • The DIWM option - Operators can open and build e-commerce websites for businesses and run them together with them.
  • The DIFM option - Operators can open, build and run e-commerce websites for the SMBs.

Your SMB customer already has a website on Camilyo (full builder) but needs to move to e-commerce? No problem. You don't need to build an e-commerce website from scratch - Camilyo lets you add e-commerce to your existing Camilyo full builder website.

Here’s a reminder
on how to easily turn a Camilyo website to an e-commerce website which includes a catalog, showcase, checkout and payment gateway (depending on Locality), all already embedded on the Camilyo platform. All in this video and article.

And here's another reminder on how to easily attach a Stripe SMB account (for example) to its commerce platform, in 5 easy steps.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Success Manager or our technical service team for assistance, if needed.

In this difficult time, many SMBs are at risk of not making it through the crisis. A quick and easy e-commerce solution is a life-line for them. The sooner their e-commerce site will be up and running, the better. Their chances of surviving this crisis and hitting the ground running after it’s over will increase infinitely.