One of the main goals of a local website is to enable consumers to reach out to a business as easily as possible and in a way that is more comfortable for them. We’ve created a list of nine essential tools which you can easily add to your client’s website if you use Camilyo’s Online in One platform. These tools will grow their customer base and help them see more value in the services you provide.

Nine Essential Tools for Customer Engagement

  • CRM: First and foremost, a small business has to have a CRM to capture all the leads that will be coming through the website (and yes, we insist that SMB websites should serve lead generation purposes and not just be online business cards). Read our five really good reasons for SMBs to have a CRM here.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Every small business website needs a call to action button to aid customer engagement. A CTA might encourage visitors to make a purchase, enter their email, place an order or request further information. Without it, your small business client would miss out on valuable conversions.
  • Contact Form: No matter how much information your small business client includes on their website, there is always a reason why potential customers could need to contact them. A contact form helps them reach out to a business without having to call or opening an email.
  • Call Now Button: The easier it is for your small business client’s customers to book an appointment or place an order, the more leads will come through the site. Mobile sites particularly benefit from a ‘Call Now’ button, so that users can book an appointment or place an order in one click.
  • Appointment Booking: If your SMB client offers a service, an appointment booking option enables customers to book their appointment immediately and directly. Otherwise, the potential back-and-forth of waiting for confirmation and rescheduling can lead customers to give up on your small business client and try something easier.
  • Call-me-Back: A call-me-back option saves your SMB client from missing a valuable lead because they called at a bad moment. It also succeeds in capturing the contact details of a potential customer and creating the first step of a connection.
  • Coupons and Deals: A coupon or deal with an expiration date on a website makes online visitors act impulsively. If they find the offer appealing they might want to fill in their contact details to claim the coupon/deal.
  • Lead Booster: A great way to engage with consumers is to present them with promotional offers as they are about to leave a website. This simple yet effective solution is guaranteed to boost conversions. You can read more on how to make it work here .
  • Online Store: Those small businesses which have brick and mortar stores can definitely benefit from having an online store as well. Camilyo has all the necessary functionality to make it happen. You can read our post about helping your small business clients get started with e-commerce.