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For the past six years, we have been working closely with leading marketing service providers from all over the world. One trend we noticed is that they all shared a very strong need to deliver more bottom-line value for their small business customers. This observation led us to create something new. A mobile app that aims to enable service providers to help SMBs to not simply market themselves but manage their businesses better.

Enter the SMB Mobile HUB powered by Camilyo.

“Both small businesses and marketing service providers are focusing efforts and budgets on generating new leads,” says our CMO, Ziv Koren. “But the harsh truth is that, in most cases, SMBs fail to properly handle those leads. Mobile HUB drives the small business owner to interact better with his customers and address business opportunities in real-time. It prevents their marketing and sales funnels from leaking. Giving small businesses a tool that helps them provide better service and experience to their customers will lead to better bottom-line business results for them. It will also strengthen the marketing service provider’s value proposition and help them lower churn rates,” says Koren.

What’s inside of the Mobile HUB

  • Action Center shows all business interactions that require attention: missed calls, service orders, booking requests, customer messages, etc. received through the website, Facebook, online listings or other online channels connected to the Camilyo platform.
  • Contact Manager registers and stores all interactions between the small business and its customers (calls, bookings, etc.) allowing the owner to keep in touch with their clients on the go.
  • Caller ID (available for Android only) shows the history of service interactions with the customer who is calling, making calls a more personalized experience.
  • Calendar is a business-centered calendar that manages service bookings, business tasks and reminders.
  • Social allows SMBs to turn daily activities into engaging content that can be scheduled to be posted across social networks
  • Push notifications incentivize small businesses to handle all business inquiries in the real-time by sending push notifications of bookings, orders, reminders, missed calls, etc. to the small business’s mobile phone.
  • Dashboard tracks important business metrics, keeping small businesses up-to-date about their business marketing performance.
The Mobile HUB is an extension of the Camilyo Online in One platform and is available to small businesses that are serviced by our marketing service partners. It turns any mobile device (both iOS and Android) into a business center.

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