What is Camilyo?
, is the first all-in-one online marketing platform for service providers, giving online agencies, big and small, the integrated tools they need to better serve SMB clients, to help them convert more leads and grow business. 
Camilyo one-stop-shop, cloud-based platform provides complete online presence, marketing, engagement, e-commerce and customer contact management to help small agencies and freelance service providers deliver big-agency style digital solutions that help SMB clients grow their business.

Is it yet another Site Builder with add-ons?
Unlike template-based site-builder solutions that offer limited capabilities, Camilyo allows agencies to build and maintain custom cross-platform client websites with complete control and flexibility. Using Camilyo, agencies and their clients can easily add e-commerce catalogs, run social campaigns, offer multi-channel promotions and coupons, capture leads, manage contacts and even offer online appointment scheduling, all in one simple tool, with no complex coding expertise required. 

How does it differ from DIY platforms?
Camilyo was built for agencies. It is highly scalable, allowing agencies to efficiently manage a large number of clients all from the same easy-to-use dashboard, as opposed to using multiple tools and accounts for every customer. Camilyo's modular feature set also allows agencies to upsell a menu of subscription-based services to meet their clients' growing needs. This a la carte system enables the agency itself to add recurring revenue streams with products and services that are affordable and easy to manage for maximum profitability.

What need is it addressing? 
There's a tremendous opportunity for agencies to offer SMBs the digital tools they need to succeed in today's fast-changing, multichannel landscape. But, delivering omni-channel marketing is complex and expensive, and many agencies simply don't have the capacity to offer the full range of services required. Camilyo gives agencies everything they need to offer a full suite of digital services in one tightly integrated package, with the ultimate ease and efficiency. With Camilyo, agencies can serve SMBs with effective, affordable solutions that add new revenue streams and grow business for both the agency and their clients.

What does it include?
The first comprehensive online platform designed with SMBs in mind, Camilyo's suite of digital marketing tools includes:

  • Agency-grade cross-platform website builder to create a stunning, effective and unified web presence for desktop, mobile, tablet and Facebook-embedded sites with drag-and-drop simplicity. The intuitive, yet powerful site builder allows designers to create, customize and edit pages without the need for complex coding expertise. Updates to business data and product information are synced across every touch point for accuracy and consistency. Agencies can use Camilyo to create their own templates for even greater efficiency in deploying new client sites across every platform.
  • Integrated social marketing management to engage and convert fans into customers, including the ability integrate the online product catalog and schedule posts and promotions,
  • Unified e-commerce solution to drive sales across multiple online storefronts with a consistent, user experience and simplified management, plus the ability to configure and deliver dynamic, interactive promotions and coupons across multiple delivery channels.
  • Comprehensive management dashboard, including a customer interaction manager and action-based reporting that shows real-time metrics for Likes, promotions redeemed and more, and lets SMBs and their account reps take the right action at the right time to engage and convert more leads. Optional appointment scheduler allows customers to book appointments on any platform and syncs real-time availability to maximize business opportunities.