96% of small business owners and marketers utilize social media marketing and commerce trends as part of their business strategy. While everyone recognizes the importance of Facebook for business, Facebook has a tendency to be much like the weather - it changes the moment people get used to it. While most of Facebook’s changes are usually received negatively, the newly-rolled out business pages layout can boost a company’s online presence exponentially - if properly utilized. In fact, Facebook has been re-focusing on the small and medium business (SMB) market, due to strong SMB advertising, and, as such, has given local businesses new opportunities to grow their business through Facebook. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) serving SMBs have a unique opportunity to drive growth for their clients by properly leveraging the the new changes.

The most significant change to the business pages, which have been slowly rolling out since August, are the call-to-action button and the navigation bar. Combined with several other features, DSPs can give their SMBs opportunities that were previously stripped away from business pages, or were simply not available.

The new business page layout has a general website look and feel, with links to the internal pages, or tabs, on the left-hand side, and with options to open and scroll between apps.

The new navigation bar is, undoubtedly, the most significant change for SMBs. As it now clearly appears on the left side of the page, all tabs are, once again, visible at all times. This newfound visibility enables DSPs to boost their SMBs’ businesses by utilizing various apps to engage with potential customers, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion. While contact and sign up forms are the norm for most SMBs, the majority of SMB business pages have not enabled true sales- and marketing-oriented tabs that can boost business.

  • Facebook store - While the option for an online store within a Facebook page is not new, the availability and visibility enables retailers to showcase and push their products and services where their customers are most likely to see them. By ignoring the Facebook store, business are missing out on a huge earning potential.
  • Appointment booking - Extremely important when used in conjunction with Facebook Ads, enabling appointment booking through a Facebook tab can boost a company’s business. Users who find the page, or respond to a Facebook Ad, can immediately book an appointment, regardless of the time of day, leading to an increase in conversion. With 42% of appointments being booked after hours, and Conversely, the lack of an appointment booking platform can lead to loss of business as potential clients may book an appointment with a difference service provider instead. Recent surveys show that at least 60% of consumers would rather book an appointment online.
  • Coupons - A quick and easy conversion tool, coupons incentivise potential customers into making a purchase or book an appointment. With 79% of Facebook users admitting to Liking a business page to gain access to coupons, this oft-overlooked promotional method is a consumer goldmine.
  • Call Me Back - While many customer support queries can be performed online, some require a call with the businesses. Enabling customers to select a time for a call that is mutually convenient for both parties increases the chance of the lead converting into a client, as opposed to selecting a different business.
Another significant change to the Facebook business pages is the call-to-action button, which was previously small and part of a long line of buttons. It is now prominently displayed under the cover photo and highlighted, enabling DSPs to drive traffic to their SMBs’ websites and landing pages from the top of the page. However, if a company’s cover image previously referred to the call-to-action button in a visual manner, such as with an arrow, it is imperative that the image change immediately as the old image will no longer be valid.

This is also true for the Like, Message and Share buttons, which have all moved, as well as the profile picture, or logo, which has shifted away from the cover photo and to the left side above the navigation bar. DSPs should, therefore, review all of their SMBs’ Facebook pages, remove references to buttons that have moved, and enjoy the new space for promotion.

Furthermore, Facebook has enabled a favorites-type section for 3 selected apps, so DSPs can display the most important tabs for each of their SMBs and conspicuously place them where they will get the most attention from potential customers.

Facebook’s new changes to the business pages make them more actionable and, as such, more beneficial to SMBs. DSPs should review their SMBs’ Facebook pages for both visual content and promotional tools and enable the tabs that are most relevant to each of their SMBs. Camilyo’s Social module gives DSPs an easy way to incorporate various sales- and marketing-oriented tabs to increase page engagement and conversion. Appointment booking, coupons and Facebook stores all combine to deliver a seamless experience to consumers. To find out more about how DSPs can use Camilyo to boost their SMBs’ Facebook presence, contact us at sales@camilyo.com.