Local web agencies that provide SMBs with local marketing services are fighting a tough battle and are being besieged on multiple fronts.  On the one hand, they compete with big, national service providers that can leverage size and scale and operate a highly-oiled sales machine, and on the other they need to contend with sleek DIY platforms like Wix and SquareSpace that entice SMBs with a promise of a low cost “professional” web presence. The owner of an established local agency we recently talked to summarized the current predicament of local agencies by saying, “Website building services are falling off a cliff; we must diversify and extend our service portfolio if we want to survive.”

This feeling was shared by many other local agencies we’ve recently engaged with; they all  recognize the value and need in offering their clients multiple marketing services to make them stand out from their competitors. However, they all also stated that their main challenge in extending and diversifying their offering lies with the need to use multiple set of non-integrated marketing tools, each focusing on specific set of abilities, burdening them with interoperability barriers and eating their profit margins due to escalating licensing costs.

In an effort to consolidate around fewer marketing tools, some of these agencies were looking at all-in-one marketing platforms like HubSpot and SimplyCast just to find that they fall short both in regards to cost and fit to SMB’s specific needs.

Enter Camilyo. Camilyo is changing the game for local web agencies by offering  a cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution that enables local web agencies to cover the entire consumer cycle from acquisition to retention with a single, fully integrated, white labeled platform. Essentially, Camilyo provides local marketing agencies with the ability to offer their small business customers services that were previously only available to larger companies - but at a fraction of the cost. The modular feature set allows agencies to define and offer a personalized set of tools that matter most to each individual SMB, thus giving them the precise solution that they need. By doing so, agencies can offer small businesses affordable and effective solutions that create business opportunities and add revenue streams for both the agency and the client.

Camilyo has a low cost of entry that suits agencies of any size with various needs, with a tiered pricing model and full support and training options. For more information, please contact  us at ziv@camilyo.com.