You’re doing marketing for many different small businesses. You need your small business clients to send you good images for you to include in their marketing campaigns. Obviously, you want their selfies with customers, neat shots of finished works and other things that add authenticity and local charm to their websites and social media. The problem is that the majority are not very good at taking decent photos (just like most people), despite having smart cameras. One solution is to train your clients to become better photographers.

First they need to understand two foundations of photography:

a) composition, and

b) lighting.

Most of the other elements that build a good picture are taken care of automatically by today’s smart cameras. By grasping the two principles mentioned above, the quality of the materials you receive will be elevated by 150%.

We searched many free online guides to photography to choose only those offering advice that can be digested and applied easily. You’d be surprised how many articles that discuss best practices of picture-taking do not contain sample pictures, how many videos are not watchable thanks to poor image (!) and audio quality, and how many courses are just too long and complicated for your busy small business clients.

We chose five short video guides to better photo-taking that your SMB clients will find enjoyable to watch and simple to understand.

5 Short Video Guides to Taking Better Photos

1. 5 Tips to Instantly up your Photo Game

  • Enjoyable: Peter McKinnon, a professional Canadian photographer who created this video, speaks in a lively, enthusiastic style and keeps his tips short.
  • Useful: Not just one, but five highly valuable ways for your small business client to improve their photographs. Each tip is explained clearly with example images included in the video.
  • Ideal for: Product and lifestyle businesses which need to provide enticing product shots or well-lit and lively lifestyle images.
  • Watch it because: There are sample images included in the video to fully illustrate the tips.
  • Length: 5:47

2. Take Better Shots with your iPhone

  • Enjoyable: Another engaging and fun video guide by Peter McKinnon that can be watched after the first one.
  • Useful: Your SMB client will learn how to set up a DIY photo studio to take excellent product shots at no cost, and find out which iPhone apps are recommended for quick photo editing to make the most of the images they already shot.
  • Ideal for: Businesses selling products and food.
  • Watch it for: the delicious-looking Nutellla french toast made on the video.
  • Length: 6:57

3. 5 Ways to Instantly Make Better Videos

  • Enjoyable: Exciting tone and soundtrack from Peter McKinnon again (this guy is just extremely good at putting things simply).
  • Useful: In the first minute and a half, your SMB client can gain more easy tips for improving lighting in videos and photographs.
  • Ideal for: All businesses that need to shoot video content or want to learn more about lighting for taking pictures.
  • Watch it for: Special effects filters applied as you watch so that you can see the effect.
  • Length: 11:08 (01:30 for what is relevant for pictures only)

4. How to Take Great Portrait Photos

  • Enjoyable: See the effects of different photo techniques.
  • Useful: An easy-to-digest video that covers many important tips about composition, focus and lighting for shooting portrait photos, including getting the most out of the subject of the photograph.
  • Ideal for: Businesses that offer lifestyle services or products, such as beauticians.
  • Watch it for: Many sample images to illustrate the tips.
  • Length: 04:14

5. 5 Photography Composition Tips, Including 70+ Examples

  • Enjoyable: Fast-paced with many beautiful photos.
  • Useful: A visuals-only video without spoken narration that very clearly and simply lays out the basic principles of photography composition. The video then shows dozens of example photos to illustrate how these principles can be applied to every type of photograph.
  • Ideal for: All businesses.
  • Watch it for: The many many example photos.
  • Length: 03:20 Camilyo_Logo_gray C only small.png