As the fastest-growing region in the world, Africa has a projected annual GDP growth of 5% over the next five years. However, of the staggering 10 million African SMBs, only 10% have a digital presence, mostly due to lack of awareness and high complexity and costs. Africa 118, a multi-platform local search leader, is the fastest-growing web services provider in Africa that offers African SMBs an affordable and easy digital presence that enables African SMBs to expand their services beyond local customers. Africa 118 selected Camilyo to power their growth, a move that enabled them to scale exponentially and, in doing so, help more African SMBs expand their services.

Like many service providers venturing into a new, immature market, Africa 118 initially experienced a slower growth than expected, as well as a long sales cycle, and turned to the Camilyo Customer Success Management Team for advice. After a few joint brainstorming sessions, the following conclusions were reached:

  1. The main sales bottleneck was the need to educate each individual SMB about the benefits of establishing an online presence

  2. The main fulfilment bottleneck was the difficulty in sourcing content (namely text and media) from the SMBs  

Based on Camilyo’s vast experience with digital service providers around the world, the following measures were proposed:

  1. On the sales side, Africa 118 would adopt a “go vertical” strategy offering a vertically-tailored solution to verticals with a large number of potential SMBs with ties to a central affiliation or support organizations. Initially two verticals were selected schools & hotels

  2. On the fulfilment side, an “all-in-one” approach was defined offering SMBs with a “starter pack” including text and visual content creation that removed the dependency on the SMB.

This approach quickly proved to be successful: the close rate for vertical-based partnerships was five times as high as those who were given a wider range of services that was not specifically tailored to their needs. Additionally, having a comprehensive all-in-one package enabled Africa 118 to quickly and efficiently add new clients while controlling the quality of the content and media.

As a result, Africa 118 experienced a very strong acquisition growth, with more than 100 DSPs joining per month. Boasting a strong renewal rate, with over 90% of their pilot customers in Uganda staying on, Africa 118 is planning on expanding into 10 new markets over the next 24 months.

Camilyo is a partner, not just a technology provider. The Camilyo Success Management Team offers a suite of services that encompasses all of the different aspects that lead to SMB growth - intuitive and responsive websites, social networking, customer relationship management and ecommerce. At the same time, Camilyo enables web agencies to scale by offering them vertical-based solutions, in addition to their regular offerings. For more information, please contact Camilyo at