Over 11,000 athletes are currently in Rio with one goal in mind: bringing home the gold. But Simone Biles and Michael Phelps don’t settle for just one medal: they consistently perform above the rest, winning medal after medal, creating high - yet achievable - expectations.  While nearly any Digital Service Provider (DSP) can create a functional website for SMBs, few are able to offer unique value propositions that will elevate their SMBs above the crowd. Leading DSPs want to conquer their fields, and to do so they must give their SMBs tools to succeed. Just as the success of a coach is measured by the achievements of the athletes they train, DSPs can guide their SMBs to go for the gold by following the guidelines that set Olympic athletes apart from the others. To win the race, each athlete must go through 3 stages: be the first out of the starting blocks, maintain a good pace and finish strong. Likewise, to capture online gold the SMB needs to cover 3 stages: attract and engage visitors, convert them into leads and new customers and nurture existing customers into loyal customers and brand advocates.

ATTRACT the Customer

While a basketball player can be the best 3-point shooter in the world, if he doesn’t get the ball, he will never make the shot. Therefore, DSPs should help their SMB clients by giving them the best opening they possibly can.

Get the ball rolling


A good start is the best way to win the game. By providing the SMB with an effective website, social media presence and consistent directory listings, DSPs help SMBs ensure that they can be easily found online and that customers are able to easily locate the information they are seeking. DSPs can use Camilyo’s website builder, Facebook page management and integrated Yext list management, to create a complete online presence that maximizes the SMBs chance to be found online by prospective clientele.

Make a Splash


Once an effective web presence has been established, SMBs need to attract the attention of their potential customers. With Camilyo, DSPs can easily leverage social sharing features, including blogging and social media marketing, that will extend the SMB’s reach beyond word-of-mouth and brick-and-mortar stores and enable them to reach their target audience wherever they may be. Additionally, DSPs can run Facebook ad campaigns to attract additional audiences to the SMB’s social pages and website.

Jump over the hurdles


One of the biggest hurdles SMBs face in extending their brick-and-mortar business online is lack of interaction with online consumers. Camilyo offers DSPs an extensive set of tools that can increase interaction with online visitors.  Camilyo’s online appointment booking enables consumers to schedule appointments 24/7, directly from their mobile phones, desktop computers or tablets. Camilyo’s callback enables potential clients to request a call back from the SMB at a mutually convenient time, thus increasing call completion rates. Instead of viewing online interactions as a problem, DSPs can now easily provide SMBs with solutions that will increase loyalty and satisfaction.  

CONVERT the Lead

Follow Through


Just like basketball players must follow through on their shots to ensure their balls get in the basket, once the ball is in the air, SMBs must follow through as well to ensure that the lead converts into a customer. To do so, DSPs should offer SMBs an integrated CRM that will help SMBs manage their growing client base and follow up with queries. For example, when a customer requests a callback through the SMB’s website, the information is stored in a CRM system and the SMB receives notification of the new communication via a white-label mobile app and SMB portal, allowing the SMB to rapidly respond to consumer queries, and enabling them to send follow up reminders to ensure that every potential customer is reached.

Stick the landing


After a flawless routine, or even one with minor mishaps, Olympic gymnasts are left with one, final goal: to stick the landing. If they fail to land well, the entire flawless routine will be rendered useless. In much the same way, a perfect website and great marketing tools are worthless if the SMB is unable to capture the lead. Camilyo’s leadbooster feature can be applied to all SMB sites with various goals: from new lead sign ups to before-you-go offers, DSPs can offer SMBs an extra tool to help them stick the landing and convert the lead.

RETAIN the client

Don’t drop the ball


The hardest part of having the ball is losing it. Once an SMB has landed a customer, the company must focus on retention to minimize churn. With the CRM already in place, DSPs can utilize email and text campaigns to assist their SMBs with retention through birthday reminders and special promotions. Furthermore, DSPs can provide SMBs with multi-channel coupons that will help bring back former customers while building up loyalty with existing ones. Finally, SMBs can maintain top-of-mind awareness among customers through the social networking features that the DSPs had already set up for the SMB.

Smooth sailing


While Olympic athletes compete in varying fields, ultimately they have several traits in common: consistency, organization and enthusiasm for their sport. Similarly, DSPs must be fully invested in their SMBs who, in turn, must be fully invested in their own customers. By providing a consistently effective sales and marketing platform, DSPs enable SMBs to attract new customers, convert them, and retain them, thus reducing churn and ensuring smooth sailing. The Camilyo platform offers a complete suite of web presence, marketing and retention tools that help digital service providers deliver real value to their SMB clients at a price point they can afford while increasing sales and profit margins and reducing churn. Find out how Camilyo can help you to increase sales and revenue at sales@camilyo.com.