SaaS, intake and onboarding… a challenging combination.

Onboarding is the critical junction that every SMB needs to go through when adopting any new digital tool. Motivation by intent and recognition of need (on the customer side) and inviting UI/UX (on the product side) are the essential launch pad of the customer journey, but they can always do with a little push. There is a gap between purchase and adoption, that needs to be addressed.

Onboarding has to be a positive experience. This is the doorway every system user will pass through, and if it’s a positive experience – users are more inclined to engage with the system. Twice as much as users who didn’t have a positive onboarding experience, to be exact.

Based on observation, research and talking with SMBs, we launched 30 Minutes with an Expert as a tool for our partners to help onboard and engage SMB customers with the All-in-One system.

According to a ProfitWell research, “Customers who perceived a company’s onboarding positively had between 12% and 21% higher willingness to pay than the median”.

30 Minutes with an Expert
is a set of 8 content items, which can be easily produced into webinars, covering the main areas of interest for SMBs: from upgrading their website, through digital payments, promotion, social, e-commerce etc.

Each content item we prepared includes a script and a presentation which can be easily adapted to each partner’s brand (and language) and produced into a webinar session, 30-45 minutes long.

The underlying concept of the 30 Minutes with an Expert sessions is to create intent and increase motivation in SMBs, by explaining the Why – why it is important for a business to communicate with its customers, why moving to digital payments is a must, and so on – before diving into the technical part of HOW to implement this knowledge.

Each session has two parts:
– Explaining the topic and why it is important for the business to master it. This contains specific use cases and research facts.
How – Explaining how it can easily be managed on the Camilyo All-in-One platform, plus more practical advice regarding the system.
Sessions are accompanied by system screenshots/screen videos, in order to attract/direct the business owner to explore the system and use these features.

By now, you are probably asking – but who is the expert?
Ta-da! You – the Camilyo partner – are the expert! Our partners work with hundreds or even thousands of SMB owners, build websites for them, help them market their businesses – hence, the know all of this inside out.

And who is the target audience for this webinar?
First and foremost – bought in customers.
When it comes to VIP customers, most operators will dedicate the time and effort to lead the customer by the hand, through the entire system, until they are fully engaged. Even meet them in their or their offices, to make sure they are bought in.
But what about lower tiers? with the 30 Minutes with an Expert tool set, we’re bridging the gap in onboarding SMBs to a new system and scaling the onboarding process.

This is not to say that the content can’t be used to attract leads and prospects, but experience shows that customers who already bought the system are the ones you need to put the onboarding efforts into.

Bringing it into action:
The content items can be easily produced into webinars. After a year of social distancing, SMBs are used to attending webinars, rather than meetups, so the time is right to announce a set of live webinars for your new SMB customers (others can join too).

Making it last:
Once you are ready with a webinar, record it and make it available on your video channel or file repository, knowledge base etc. – whichever way future customers can access it. This is how you scale it.

And here’s another bonus:
Besides helping CSM in onboarding new customers, these webinars are also great for:
·    Sales reps – to make a better pitch
·    New employees on the sales/fulfillment path
·    Support and CSM for onboarding and as an educational tool

So, what’s the next step?
Call your PSM – and let’s talk! (and if you’re not a Camilyo partner yet – call us anyway...)